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Good morning readers.

I’ve been to quite a few comedy nights recently. Well, two. But in the space of a week that’s quite a lot.

I got called a lesbian at one of those comedy nights. Because I’ve got short hair.

Two quick points about that:

1. HI FROM THE 1800s. Hair length isn’t necessarily a foolproof method of discerning someone’s sexual orientation. You could try asking them if they’ll sleep with you instead. Go on, go up to the next short haired lady you see and ask her…

2. Why the hell is ‘lesbian’ still seen as an insult? Again, HI FROM THE 1800s.

To be fair, I have no idea what the attitude to gay women was back then. I wasn’t alive (surprisingly) and I can’t be arsed to research it. But I’d imagine they had a right time of it in comedy clubs. Similar to my ‘struggle’ as a not actually gay female in 2010.



How my struggle as a notactuallygay female in the 1800s might have looked (probably minus the smile).


We tend to think that we’re a liberal and forward thinking society and even that we’ve gone too far the other way. That political correctness has GONE MAD!!

I’ll let you into a secret: it hasn’t. Illustrated by the fact that it’s still totally acceptable to use lesbian/dyke/gay/poof as an insult. Especially gay. Apparently that’s okay because it now doesn’t mean ‘gay’ gay, it means lame. But why has a term for homosexuality come to mean ‘lame’? Surely we can’t pretend that its origins aren’t relevant at all and therefore it’s all more than a bit wrong?

(Yes, I know it originally meant happy and joyful, hence the title of this post, but I really don’t think that when kids call each other ‘gay’ in the playground, they’re commenting on how happy one another is.)

Anyway, I didn’t find being called a lesbian offensive in the slightest, because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being attracted to ladies instead of men. I can see the benefits if anything: less body hair, less football, more X Factor, more orgasms.

That’s the thing about sexual orientation though, you don’t really pick it, you just ‘are’. Hence it being a bit odd that we’re still all so obsessed by it and still use it to judge people by.

Just to be clear, my point isn’t that I would never use certain words as insults or that you’re a terrible person if you do. I just think it’s pretty interesting that it’s still widely acceptable to do so in 2010 and that ‘gay’ is still one of the biggest insults levelled at kids in the playground by one another.

What do you think? Acceptable or not?

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