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Leeds Domestic Cleaning part III: the latest murky revelations

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Wow. Since I wrote my first blog post and second blog post about Simon Macbeth and Leeds Domestic Cleaning, things seem to have snowballed and my blog has received more and more comments from people who have experienced similar problems with Simon. Some in relation to Leeds Domestic Cleaning, others in relation to his various other companies (Outdoor Fitness Leeds, Design Market, Films by You, to name just a few) and others still recounting times they’ve been ripped off by him in his capacity as a landlord.

If you visit the Leeds Domestic Cleaning Facebook page now [edit: the page now appears to have been taken down] you will see that it’s flooded with negative comments from people who, like me, paid for a service they did not receive and then failed to receive a refund.

You’ll also notice a message on the Facebook page and on the Leeds Domestic Cleaning website itself stating that Simon Macbeth has sold the company and giving the personal email address and phone numbers of the people who have apparently bought the business (on eBay) and telling customers of Leeds Domestic Cleaning who are still owed money to contact these people: Natalie and John.

After Natalie commented on my blog I spoke to her on the phone and what Natalie told me had in fact happened is that she bought some cleaning equipment and web design from Simon Macbeth, not the Leeds Domestic Cleaning business, and has not actually received everything she paid for. She is seeking legal advice about this and about the fact that Simon Macbeth has published her email address and phone number without her permission, resulting in her fielding calls and emails from Simon Macbeth’s many disgruntled and let down customers.

In the meantime, I have reported my experiences to BBC’s Watchdog/Rogue Traders and suggest that anyone else who has had a bad experience with Simon Macbeth and/or Leeds Domestic Cleaning please do the same; the more people who report this story, the more likely it is that it might get covered.

It’s fantastic that my blog posts have become a forum for Simon Macbeth’s disgruntled customers to share their terrible experiences (please read the comments under my second post; they have to be seen to be believed) but unfortunately no one finds my blog until they have already suffered negative experiences with him, as it’s then that they Google ‘Simon Macbeth’ and ‘Leeds Domestic Cleaning’. And by then it’s too late!

So I’m hoping that if enough people help spread the word by sharing this blog post on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ (not only will it help spread the word to your friends, it will help increase the blog posts’ search rankings so they show up when people search in Google for Simon Macbeth and Leeds Domestic Cleaning) and by reporting your stories to Rogue Traders if you have suffered similar experiences then we’ll get to a point where people are warned about Simon Macbeth and his various business before they lose any money.

Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word. All comments welcome!

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41 Responses to "Leeds Domestic Cleaning part III: the latest murky revelations"

Does any of this sound familiar?????????????? Maybe Rentokil would be our best option?

Having personally received a very strange unsigned letter addresses from you I though I best reply:

Firstly you bought the cleaning business from Design Market Ltd and SalesForce Limited, not me.

Secondly there are no details on about you owning OUR business. The details are very clearly about you being the new owners of LDC. I find you stating otherwise in public to be defamatory. If you carry on with this defamation we will consider our position and issue proceedings within the Court for substantial damages to our good name. The case, which would be very easy to prove since it is all in black and white, could cost you tens or thousands of pounds.

With me you get one warning and this is it.

Many Thanks

Simon M. Macbeth
Office Manager
Outdoor Fitness Leeds

As Seen On: wowcher

tel: 0843 63 LEEDS (0843 63 53337)

Please become a fan of our NEW Facebook Page for special offers and the latest news.

Outdoor Fitness Leeds is a part of Design Market Ltd. Engine House 343 Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 4BU. Registered in England & Wales. Company No. 07661955

I love the way Simon refers to ‘we’ when we all know it’s just him sat at his computer.

QYPE Deals is also advertising outdoor fitness leeds – lets hope no-one decides to take a yearly membership out. Add comment asap

Hi all, We have been informed that simon owes two recruitment agencies that we know of in leeds, thousands of pounds. We are planing to meet up with one of the recruitment managers on monday who he owes approx £3000 to them for both leeds domestic cleaning and out door fitness leeds. He also gets people from as far as america to set up and design websites and doesnt pay them according to ‘Black Hat’ affiliate marketing forum.

Looks like Simon has closed down the LDC Facebook page… unless it’s just that I can’t see it?

Wish I’d have seen all these comments before I purchased an oven clean from Leeds Domestic Scamming, oops, I mean Cleaning. Purchased the oven clean…waited in ALL DAY with a baby and no one showed up. Emailed and called LDC several times – not one acknowledgement to date.
I’ve had a lovely email from Natalie Turner explaining all re the ‘sale’ to her of LDC which is how I found this blog.

I’ve reported Simon Macbeth to BBC Rogue Traders….hopefully many more of you will too so this guy gets his comeuppance.

And yes, his Facebook page seems to have disappeared.

Do Living Social/KGB & any other deal websites know about this guy and his many ‘companies’?

Thanks @smellmycheese for taking the time to write this blog and highlighting this worm.

Thanks for commenting and I’m glad someone else has reported Simon to Rogue Traders. I’m hoping that if enough of us do they might pick the story up!
I personally contacted KGB, Living Social, Money Supermarket, Groupon and Wowcher re Simon Macbeth as they have all offered voucher deals with Leeds Domestic Cleaning. The best response was from Money Supermarket who said that they had received similar reports and were therefore not working with Simon Macbeth or LDC again. And they gave me a credit to use on their site despite me making it clear I didn’t buy the intial deal through them!
The other deals sites were less impressive. KGB who I bought the infamous oven clean through did refund me that part of the purchase and then give me an additional credit for the money Simon owes me for the extra services paid for and not received, but they were unforthcoming about whether they would continue to work with LDC/Simon, which I think is irresponsible to other unsuspecting consumers.
Groupon pretty much fobbed me off saying they’d look into it but as I didn’t buy the deal through them were unable to inform me further. Living Social was similar and Wowcher didn’t respond to my tweets.
If anyone else would like to warn these companies about their experiences with Simon Macbeth I think it would be a great idea, as it only reflects badly on them to deal with people like this.

Hi all due to ill health I am sorry I have beeen less pro-active lately in regards to keeping you updated with the Macbeth Saga. However, we too have informed rouge traders and all the voucher sites with similar responses as yourselves. I also notice he still has not removed our details from his website.
We would like to thank every one for supporting Jonathan & I by sharing your experiences on the blog and anywhere else he cannot remove your feedback from and for being so empathetic.

Hello, I had problems with this guy too regarding his activities as a landlord.
Is there any way to make him pay? I understand that he commited a lot of little crimes but couldn’t we put them together and sue him?

Pardon my bad English and ignorance, I’m not from an English-Spoken country.

I think the best thing to do would be to keep checking this blog. I reported him to Watchdog today and I know a few of us have contacted each other about working on a joint strategy. If anyone hears anything back from Watchdog / Rogue Traders / Police / Trading Standards I’m sure they’ll post on here and then as a group we can plan our next move.

One further update from me is that KGB has now refunded my initial £15. They gave the usual copy and paste answer about being unable to fulfil the deal so I could have my money back. Nothing in the email suggests that they won’t be trading with Simon Macbeth or any of his companies again.

Hi Debtsmustbepaid, thanks for commenting and I’m glad you found my blog.
Glad you’ve had a refund JF and yes, I think to all continue to report Simon Macbeth to the appropriate places and share updates on here is a good tactic.

Morning all, I advise anyone who has had anything to do with Simon to keep written evidence logs etc. To Debtmustbepaid if you have any contracts of tenancy, payments made to him etc keep them.

I also feel everyone should remeber that Simon reads this blog to try and keep one step ahead of us all. After realising that customer services and people skills was one of his pitfalls we have seen the return of Jackie @ Design Market Ltd. Furthermore, on the website they are asking people to send their personal bank details to the company, who suprisingly cannot find these peoples account details mmmm??. I might add these people all made direct bacs payments to his companies.

I smell another scamm…………………………………………….

When I emailed Watchdog yesterday it got me thinking about other consumer rights programmes and I remembered that there is “Don’t Get Done Get Dom” so I emailed them as well. This then led to another possible programme to take up our story which is called “You’ve Been Scammed” (and I think we can all safely say we agree with the title of that one).

Details for” Don’t Get Done Get Dom” are below. If you email them you will get an auto reply which then gives details about how to get in touch with “You’ve Been Scammed”, as they are both made by the same production company.

Great idea, thanks JF. I will certainly send them my story. I would encourage others to do the same!

Oops. Used my Twitter login. likeacrow is me as well.

If there is any confusion, simon macbeth lives at 343 Roundhay Road, Leeds. If he quotes 10 Well House Crescent, Roundhay, Leeds, this is in fact the same address. One is the front of the house, the other is the back (that’s royal mail for you). He’s started gearing up on his latest scam leeds outdoor fitness, so get the word out!!!!! This man is scum of the earth.

Hi all,
It has been a while but thank you to everyone who has been contacting watchdog and the police etc regarding simon macbeths’ Leeds Domestic Cleaning business and highlighting his antics. I am glad our details appear to have been removed from the internet at last! I would like to say I have noticed a new company that resembles Mr Macbeths style on a business called leeds domestic cleaning companies….Please view the sight and give your opinion I personally feel there are too many similarities/coincidences to his previous web-site layout, design etc?

Really glad your details have been removed Natalie. Leeds Domestic Cleaning eh… He’s not the most inventive when it comes to names, is he?

OK…I appear to be the only person who had a good experience with Leeds Domestic Cleaners! However now they have closed I am desperately trying to get hold of one of the cleaners they employed because she was fantastic. Anyone know where the ex cleaners have gone?

Jane, seeing as none of us actually got to see a cleaner the chances of us knowing their whereabouts are very slim. I also think it would be unlikely that any of us would willingly endorse anything to do with Leeds Domestic Cleaning so don’t be surprised if your request doesn’t get a response.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jane was Simon! Although from looking up the domain address it doesn’t look like she is. Sorry Jane, as JF says, most of us didn’t get to experience the amazing LDC cleaners in action.

Hi, Thanks JF & Smeelycheese regarding the the whereabouts of these cleaners. I totally agree and would not endorse anything to do with him, the infamous Jackie or his companies. Furthermore, Im sure the investigating Rothwell police officer will be happy to assist anyone who wants to contact the cleaners,simon or his companies etc.

Why do you say ‘the infamous Jackie’ ?

I have had many a discussion now with Rothwell Police and have been advised to report this to Trading Standards to support what the Police have reported to them. HMRC have also been made aware of Simon’s actions. A case should be building nicely. I too was scammed out of just short of £100!!!

I’m having trouble posting new comments here (have tried three times and they’re not registering). If this one gets through I’ve got some more updates to post.

It’s through!

Great, thanks, see posts below for more info.

Look here for a laugh. Simon’s latest scam is to set himself up as a review site for recommended cleaners, inlcuding one in Roundhay (now there’s a coincidence). Read his advice on choosing a cleaner!

It’s also interesting to see that he’s added a London Domestic Cleaning business to his Ebay auctions, so he’s still at the old scams but just casting the net wider.

“My advice is that you ask for at least two references from their previous Customers. This is the best way to find out about the quality of job done by the Company in the past. If a company who claimed to have been going on for years can not provide suitable references then you ought to consider hiring a company who meet this criterion.”

Ha! Yeah, or Google the company owner and find out the actual truth, as opposed to made up bollocks.

Also, his erratic use of capitals and of the English language in general is as standard. You can spot a Simon Macbeth business a mile off, can’t you?

Thankfully nobody was foolish enough to bid on his London Domestic Cleaning auction. It’s now relisted though. Interesting to see that Simon has changed his EBay ID again (for the fourth time in a year) and he’s added Leeds Outdoor fitness to the auction listings. He wants £2,500 for it!

I think this thread is probably now dormant, but for anyone looking to report Mr Macbeth’s activities another option is

Please avoid Simon…He is a scam.
I have done a search engine on odesk for 800$ but he didn’t pay and not responde to my emails.
I m not the only one that was scamed by him but many others were not payed after job done:

Thanks for your comment Mohamed. It’s a shame most people don’t find out about him until it’s too late.

I wish I would have seen comments like this months ago! I moved into his house share (under the name Simon Anderson… however this is his ‘girlfriends’ surname)… she is 18 but barely looks 15. He doesn’t move out of his front room for DAYS on end, he even sleeps there and the house is filthy. However he is still allowed to advertise his property on letting sites such as Spare Room – I have informed them of his activities.

Lizzie Hargreaves is the name his girlfriend uses to scam people – she does adult web cam shows in their attic: the reason WHY I moved out… she also admitted to meeting him on there when she was only 15 *shudders*. After confronting him about the matter I was denied access to the property and all my belongings, to which I had to contact the police who deemed him ‘a regular and an absolute fruitcake’.

I’m sure he uses that female name for fraudulent activity too, as letters were forever arriving at the propert for Lizzie Hargreaves and I was told it was a former roommate. I just feel sorry for the people still dealing with him. I suppose his ‘all tell’ book; “Too Tired To Play Games” on how he won Ferraris and collected women like fashion accessories would make him a few quid… shame it doesn’t have photos, as I always like a good picture to accompany a fairytale.

A poor sorry excuse of a man, if you could call him that. Fraudster, conman and seriously mentally disturbed. I would more than be willing to go on a programme revealing his antics!

Lauren, what was the code on spare room or other websites he uses?

Hi everyone,
I had the deep misfortune of moving in to his property for 3 months a couple of years ago. He seemed ok when I met him to view the spare room I was renting but that soon changed.
I felt very uncomfortable in the house for various reasons and left as quickly as I could after he made it clear I was not welcome, ignoring me and being very childish etc. When I first moved in I was also warned by a guy who was already living there about Macbeth. This chap and another girl living there moved out very quickly with no notice.
He refused to refund my bond with no good reason.
I would recommend everyone to be very, very careful!


I just wanted to comment here to say I also had the misfortune of living at this mans property that he lists as “10 Well House Crescent” under his girlfriends name to make it near impossible to find any of this stuff about him before hand.

I had much the same experiences as everyone else, however as well as losing my deposit I have been ordered by court to pay 3000 pounds (remaining rent left on contract +interest +court costs). I appealed this and was told everything I have are allegations. And it doesn’t matter that he is not a part of any of the company’s on my contract and that they are all in fact dissolved, as the court for some unknown reason allowed him to change the name of his “company” to a completely different one based 300 miles away, one that once questioned he didn’t know even which country it was in. I was also told that his reply to why his girlfriend was screaming, called the cops and had him taken away and then was asked questions such as “has he ever used a weapon against you?” “Has he ever threatened to kill you?” “Are you scared that he will try to kill you?” of “She gets sick and feints so I called the police to force entry to the bathroom” as “Perfectly reasonable”.

Basically the judge said that I was making things up about him to get out of paying, and anything anyone said online couldn’t be taken into account as “anyone can say anything online”, even statements from past tenants.

I wouldn’t even advise “Being careful”, just do not move into this mans house or have any dealings with him. If you are already in his house, I’d do what citizens advise told me I should have done, refuse to pay rent, get evicted and move on, well away from him. Being an honest guy and trying to do the right thing of paying rent in full, leaving the deposit, trying to give notice, in the end has cost me around five grand. (which I don’t have, I was a student and have a total of minus 1700 to my name)

Honestly have no idea what I am going to do, he will most likely get granted an attachment of earnings and cripple me for years. All for the pleasure of living in his horrible house for two months.

I have just posted a fraction of my experience with Simon which was not a pleasant one.
If there is anything I can do to help, such as a character witness on Simon, please do let me know. We’d be happy to help bring any justice upon Simon.

Hi there,
In March 2012 me and my partner rented from Simon Macbeth AKA Simon Naylor (from a previous marriage we believe but still uses that name too). Our stay was short lived as we got evicted with no credible explanation!
Now we do pride ourselves on being a great example of what good tenants can be and we have had no problems since this ordeal. However, we lost our bond of £400, a weeks worth of rent and he cut power cables to most our electrical goods, the latter being plainly out of spite.
I have read many bad experiences about Simon with regards to renting and other business troubles and we too wish we had looked him up first. We have also spoke to a neighbour of his who has stated that they always saw police at the house and people coming and going through eviction or their own choice.
There is much more to our ‘run in’ and would be happy to share with any interested party.
It seems this blog has brought much attention and I would like to ask if anyone knows what has become of Simon and his partner (who pretends to be friendly but will stay by Simons side regardless of the abuse she gets)?

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