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If you’ve ever wished you could combine your love of Geometry with your love of food (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t) your days of waiting are finally over!

The Rubix Cubewich combines the exhilarating mathematical thrill of the Rubik’s Cube with the taste sensation that is cheddar cheese and spam in some toasted white bread.



“It’s the gastronomic equivalent of Pythagoras gobbing in your face”.

Gordon Oliver, top TV chef.

And, who said you shouldn’t play with your food? The Rubix Cubewich just cries out to be solved! And if you get a bit tired after all that fiddling with cold meat, just take a bite for some much-needed sustenance. It’s the snack that just keeps on giving.

You can find this and other delectable delicacies at

If you have any recipes for other snacks that educate, inform or titillate in any way, please do share them.

Bon appetit!

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